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Brightline Series OneBrightline Series One 1.1

Developed to optimize the use of energy-efficient fluorescent lamp technology for television broadcasting, the Brightline SeriesONE family provides unparalleled performance and reliability in a format engineered specifically to harmonize with a wide range of digital cameras. Available with 1, 2, or 4 lamps, the durable yet lightweight fixtures feature compact, 55-W, advanced-phosphor lamp Brightline Series One 1.2formulations and a variety of dimming-control options including phase, DMX, and DALI, with linear dimming to 3%. The fixtures are also used as a key component in appropriate videoconference applications.

SeriesONE systems come with extruded horizontal and/or vertical yokes and diverse racking options, allowing for varying profile and beam patterns. They accommodate a number of accessories to further shape and control the light-beam pattern, including intensifiers, control screens, gel frames, and snoots. Tight beam-pattern control allows for multiple individuals on the set to have separate, customized intensity levels. Brightline Series One 1.4

Lamps are available with color temperatures ranging from 3200K (incandescent) to 5600K (daylight). With lamp life from 8,000 to 10,000 hours, the proven quality and color balance of SeriesONE installations is always consistent.

SeriesONE 1-lamp units can be packaged with accessories in a convenient kit format that is ideal for videographers and location work.



Brightline R-ViewBightline R-View

Although truly innovative lighting technology rarely comes on the scene, a novel videoconference product from Brightline is providing an exciting new design option for achieving successful, high-quality VC lighting. The R-View has been developed to fulfill a longstanding industry need for a cost-effective, energy-efficient, portable videoconference fixture that delivers high-end aesthetics and broadcast-quality illumination in an elegant, out-of-the-box format that is extremely simple to deploy and operate. For the vast majority of videoconference settings, the investment in cameras, flat screens, and data-transmission equipment--all too often subverted by poor lighting--can now maximize its potential through a complementary one-step lighting solution.

As a standalone videoconference light, the patent-pending R-View breaks new ground in a number of key design and performance areas:

Aesthetics/Design--The sleek, streamlined look of the R-View with its distinctive rolled effect marks it as a sophisticated piece of industrial design, at home in the most upscale corporate boardroom or the hippest high-tech studio. The approximately 8-in-high by 22-in-wide by 5-in-deep fixture body is fabricated entirely of aluminum, which, compared with the steel construction of most other fixtures, is much lighter, offers better fatigue properties, and dissipates heat more effectively. Units are powder coated in standard black or a wide choice of optional colors.

Optics/Performance--Unique to the videoconferencing market, the R-View is a fully dimmable, indirect fluorescent soft light. One of the goals of successful videoconference lighting is to adequately light conference participants with illumination that remains comfortable to the eye. With the R-View, subjects are not looking directly at the unit’s two 55-W lamps; rather, the proprietary fixture body and reflector design result in the light being bent or diffused to the face of the fixture for an extremely soft effect that renders the lighting as unobtrusive as possible. In addition, nine specially designed reflector blades reduce optical flare or glare to the sides of the fixture by more than half without diminishing overall intensity. As with all Brightline products, the R-View turns out very little heat, consumes up to 90% less electricity than comparable incandescent fixtures, offers lamp life in excess of 8,000 hours, and produces a spectral emission calibrated to harmonize with the widest range of digital cameras, including the latest HD models.

Ease of Use/Installation--Setting up the R-View is quicker and simpler than setting up a monitor or screen. Fixtures can be wall or yoke mounted, and are also ideal for use with a variety of portable VC carts. Supplied with ANSI-standard VESA mounting holes, the fixtures incorporate a steel mounting plate that can be employed with a pivot bracket or TVMP adapter. Operating the R-View is similarly painless: you simply plug the light into a wall outlet and use a bottom-mounted rotary potentiometer to adjust the dimming up or down to the desired level. Other dimming options are available upon request.

For the A/V integrator or consultant, the R-View takes both the guesswork and the “fear factor” out of videoconference lighting specification, delivering consistent, broadcast-quality illumination with the click of a switch. Achieving effective communication with comfort and confidence has never been easier!

Brightline Studio Cyc
Brightline 6 Lamp Cyc
A winner of NAB’s prestigious Vidy Award, Brightline's Studio CycSeries color-changing fixtures are revitalizing the aesthetic options for cyclorama and other color-mixing applications while cutting studio energy costs and reducing maintenance requirements. Dimmable to 3% through standard protocols including DMX-512 and DALI, the systems saturate cyclorama walls as wide as 16 feet with consistently rich, even color values.
Brightline 12 Lamp Cyc
Durable enough to handle the rigors of studio operations, CycSeries fixtures are offered in 6- or 12-lamp models that use 28- or 54-W, red/green/blue, single-phosphor T5 lamps. With lamp life to 10,000 hours, the low-wattage, easy-upkeep fixtures provide a cool, energy-efficient, cost-effective alternative to traditional hot lights and gels.

As part of the CycSeries’ unlimited color control, master/remote units can be configured to build complex color schemes or cross fades that can be stored on submasters or as presets for easy replay. An automated 48- or 144-channel, programmable DXG playback controller is optional.

The quality and consistency of the light output produced by CycSeries technology enables the creation of products such as the “Magic Wall.” This innovative alternative to dedicated blue or green chroma-key walls is formed by framing translucent material around the CycSeries fixture and then bringing either the blue or green lamps to full level, while leaving the red lamps at 0%. The Magic Wall serves as a chroma-key wall or stand-alone scenic element, easily changing its color based upon wardrobe or set-design requirements.

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