Brown University
The Lindemann Performing Arts Center

A Supertech Team Effort Project !!

The Lindemann Performing Arts Center

Supertech has been privileged to be part of the team
working to create this state of the art facility for Brown University.

Working in concert with Theatre Projects Consultants, and multiple other theater companies, Supertech provided and installed the theatrical lighting and accessories packages for the venue.
It was our privilege to work in cooperation with others to integrate the theatrical lighting with the extensive lighting control, rigging, and audio-visual systems, resulting in a world class venue.

View from the Gantry

The Lindemann’s Main Hall follows a new architectural typology for performing arts spaces. All six surfaces of the hall modulate physically and acoustically to create five distinct stage-audience configurations—experimental media, recital, end-stage, orchestra, and flat floor.
The automated and manually assisted performance equipment installed to make such transformations includes five suspended, four-tier seating gantries, forty adjustable acoustic reflector panels,
seven motorized utility battens, three lighting bridges, two stage lifts, three orchestra platform lifts,
six telescoping orchestra risers, three seating wagon lifts, a three-unit retractable seating system,
five seating wagons, a ring of deployable acoustic curtains,
and a complete technical gridiron fifty-five feet above the floor.
The main hall transforms into any of the five primary configurations with five technicians in three hours.